Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Transsexual Taliban

A wonderful article by Christine Beatty


“Transgender is a political myth. It’s a lie. 99.9% of everyone you see held up in the media as a ‘transsexual’ or ‘transgender’ in the media. . . is exactly who you think they are; unbalanced crossdressing men, whether straight or gay. . . " Directly quoting comments from a Transsexual Taliban blog , Christine Beatty uses their own hateful , anti-transgender words against them frequently throughout her article .

The utter hypocrisy is that they have no reservation in calling anyone who does not agree with their Michael Bailey monologues a "transvestite". It's not a crime to be male looking but to fault others opens them up for exactly the same kind of scrutiny. Suddenly Aria seems to think looks have nothing to do with it BUT THAT IS ALL THEY JUDGE BY ! .

"They tend to be shrill, angry, single minded, self-righteous, unhinged, unable to absorb reason, unwilling to examine their beliefs, repetitive to the point of agony and they don’t know how to shut the hell up. A brutal portrait, perhaps, but anyone who’s ever encountered a true fanatic will corroborate this description." - Christine Beatty

"i stand here willing to engage anyone who wishes." -anonymous-t-girl

"Come to my blog and throw your acid " -Zoe Suzanne

The invitations flow for confrontation on their ground because they are censors and information manglers . Translation :"There will be a pecking order and I will determine it !" No my dears, you will need to come to my ground. I've been on yours and the conversation is mmm, too one sided.


  1. Please take this down now. Remove it, and ask that archives be removed too.

    It is beyond the pale.

  2. You can censor everything on your own site but I personally like to have two sides to a debate. Apparently you don't. And everything linked here is available on the web , put up by themselves. Thanks for dropping by Zoe.