Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Talibans Hatred of Activists !

"Gluing it all together is the transgender (Jew) activist hatred for post-corrected women living undisclosed." -Anonymous-T-Girl

A) A year of HRT is not "post-corrected" El-AH, sorry. You sure as heck aren't post op and you sure as heck don't speak for those who are. Nor do your intersexed buddies like Karlof ... er , Proctor. Aria doesn't even exist so (testimonials don't count, I remember your Joanne/Catherine affirmation, sheesh, no ).
B) On the other hand , I am finished ! Oops! Kind of messes up your little theory huh ?
C) You all brag about being out so, explain to us all about the "undisclosed part". You and the other . . . um , "CT's". It's kind of cute you have a little pretend club.
D) You are transitioning in your 20's , you are a "late" transitioner. "CT.s" transition young. They are indistinguishable and as of late you sure are not in that category E . Not yet , sorry about that babes but it's true. Giving to breast cancer wont speed up the process.
E) Last , this is my favorite TT line.

"Autumn is about as perfect an example of a transvestite (Jew) as you will ever hope to see.As Cassandra has described transvestites (Jews), Autumn is “loud, brash, and downright fetish based”" -Aria Blue

You think your stable looks/acts any different than Autumn Aria ? Be honest! Tell them the truth this time. You all act just the way you say everyone else does “loud, brash, and downright fetish based”.

Of the people I've discussed on this blog most are of the intersexed variety, not transsexual/transgendered. So you ask, why do they even care ? Ask them because I think you will find it interesting. Think of it as simple anarchy. They get no press whatsoever and that totally miffs them. It's not that TG's get press, it's that TG's get ALL the press. I kind of figured it out that it's not really that they hate TG's so much as the intense seething kindergarten jealousy. People like Catherine Platine expressly go into TG forums to start trouble, lording her DNA over everyone. But then she doesn't have much else but the cats. Poor goddamned things. Now that is cruel.

"we already have a perfectly good word for those who have male bodies, wish to keep male bodies and dressup as women, that word is transvestite (Jew)." -Catherine Platine

Compare to Reich Propaganda Ministries propaganda to develop public sympathy for the Euthanasia Program.""...because God cannot want the sick and ailing to produce."

It's like the poet lisalee18wheeler said :

"Anybody can get SRS you idiot, it's about the f'n brain!". - lisalee18wheeler aboard the Lezzy 1

The irony brings tears to my eyes . If I may offer one last word, the object of SRS is to "get" one , not to "become" one. :)And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !



  1. Wow, an extreme example of a Godwin's Law violation. Game over, you lose.

  2. Oh Darlin, you are about to meet Happy's Law!

  3. I came here to read your point of view. I think I'll stick firmly with Catherine, who knows what she is talking about... I'm sorry, I can't see eye to eye with anyone who uses queen-esque bitching from behind a fishnet to support their clearly petulant escapist ways.