Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spotlight: Anonymous-T-Girl

The "women" of Aria Blue. Who are these vessels of femininity ? These self appointed guardians of "womanhood" ? We break the (lack of) stealth at the request of none other and the gentle flower known as Anonymous-T-Girl/Mumei T Joshi aka Ella:

"i *do not* support the rights of transvestites and transgenders to invade women’s personal spaces." -Anonymous-T-Girl

To Michigan Womyn's Music Festival a "classic transsexual" like yourself is a transvestite. I doubt that your babble about "protecting women's spaces " would be met with much mmmmmmm . . . . . enthusiasm. No, I think not. Hurts , doesn't it ? Enjoy the mirror ;)

"Die in a fire." -Anonymous-T-Girl

Aw , isn't that sweet ? Mom just has to be proud.

  • CLICK HERE for Ella and her "Hey I'm a T Girl but I'm not I'm a woman blog !"

  • If the pointed hat fits. . .

    ". . . transgenders who have no desire whatsoever to lose their penis. Because no man wants to lose their penis, there’s nothing to fall that far into deep despair over.Not transgenders who have no desire whatsoever to lose their penis. Because no man wants to lose their penis, there’s nothing to fall that far into deep despair over. There’s no mind-body disconnect. Just a wardrobe one." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    Well, what can one say to something so foreboding yet non descript?! Me thinks you are too focused on other peoples body parts but then being non-op yourself that tends to become a heavy focus.

    "Now watch the parade of transgenders and transvestites quote statistics that don’t even apply to them, while riding the coffin of a presumed transsexual in the process, in an attempt to force their acceptance down society’s throat." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    OMG , Anne Coulter would be proud ! This is right up there with calling 9-11 Widows Self-Obsessed & Harpies ! Mondo Insensativo! Really , I'm impressed, I thought you just had a learning disability.

    "The petition represents about 7.5% of the post-operative populace, and growing." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    Whoosh, out of your behind it comes ! Completely factless figures trying to justify a completely silly petition that NO ONE SIGNED! Well 150 people , which represents .000000000000000000002 %. Of the population of 300 million. Oh , only a lot of those on that petition aren't even in America.

    "i stand here willing to engage anyone who wishes. But sometimes, people aren't willing to do things honorably." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    Darlin , since when did anonymously calling my non op TG friends "transvestites " qualify as "honorable" ? Just wondering . It's kind of like saying "soft violence". And aren't you just saying this for show , I mean . . . .

    "Although activists won't admit it, there is a certain amount of selfishness involved with those late-term transitioners. Which makes society as a whole balk when transgenders in those situations not only insist to be accepted, but ask for understanding and sympathy as well." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    So you think they should expect beatings , discrimination and death ? Charming little thing aren't you! And that's the other thing, this person is undeniably right where she claims others are . A late transitioner. It's what makes reading her nauseatingly incoherent rants unbearable. Amazing !

    "i delete off-topic traffic solicitors on site at my blog.
    You’re a lot more forgiving than me." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    I think that sums that tolerance up nicely.

    "i have a blog with pictures and videos. Accusing my of ‘hiding’ from you or any other activist is a false accusation." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    Oh no, never you "Anonymous-T-Girl" . Your out so that's great but . . . . you and the rest of the TT have to work that out.

    "Aria Blues is attempting to forcibly out operative women online. " -Anonymous-T-Girl

    She is? Every single one of you is out and public . Shall I quote ?

    "Hey brainiac, several of us are out. Try using some of your supergenius powers and find us." -lisalee18wheeler

    And she was right, there you all were ! I simply gathered your collective words and linked your pics. The saddest thing is that rather than just take care of your own transition you looked for weaker people to abuse . To try and create a common enemy in TG community , judging them like bigots judge blacks, without thought or mercy.

    I've seen enough of your selfish and cruel taunts to know who you are. You get kicked out of every place you join and spew this stuff, well unless you build it yourself. What a unique waste of time my dear. And you plan to do this the rest of your life ? Look at the women you have surrounded yourself with, is really what you want for your future? Is it really? Do they seem happy at all? Don't let someone else's bitterness become your cause. There is no such thing as a "classic transsexual". While we all got here differently we share the same lack of conformity to gender.

    You don't understand now but these are my friends. They are my family and I don't care if their politics bother you because they have just as much a right to speak. Go, do your own thang , be whatever you want but if to be you it brings you out to attack the TG, expect a response. It's you that's "outing" people, targeting them and then dumping an onslaught of hurtful names and concepts. You have done everything you accuse everyone else of.

    "My name exists on her record of people who dare to think differently than her. She plans to post images pulled off of my blog and Facebook, mock everything about me, and humiliate me into silence and submission." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    DARE TO THINK DIFFERENTLY ??????! That is a wildly speculative assumption on your part and could easily be compared to the kind of "different" thinking of cultists like the followers of Jim Jones or the Hale-Bopp. The least creative. By the way, has anyone ever told you that you are hilariously melodramatic? It's kind of charming actually in a strange, scary , Hannibal Lecter kind of way. The childhood thing, the endless droning about racism, oh and that pic of the black and white children's hand holding , oh please , you aren't the trans MLK now are you ? Perhaps if MLK hated blacks it would be a fair comparison.Oh and , the only race of humans I have anything against are the "orthodox stupid ". Try not to apply for a permanent citizenship.

    Hold it,let me check my mock list before we go.

    Picture - I don't need to say a thing. Perfectly appropriate, just remember , she is from the East. We don't want WWothW to get a bad name.
    Insensitive - check
    Judgmental - check
    Uninformed - check
    Hurtful - check
    Bigoted - check

    Well that's about it. Let me know if I missed anything.
    And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

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