Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Horror . . . . .

"By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise." -Adolf Hitler

Four female SS guards. It was reported they were prompted to be even more cruel than their male counterparts.

"I am scared of the being like the TG community. I first came out as TS wanting to jump through all the hoops and just get to a normal life as soon as possible. I failed my first transition. Some of that was because I refused to know myself and felt I had to suddenly be as matured as a GG who never had to survive as male ." -Joanne Proctor

Explain to everyone how you "fail" at transition?! You failed????!!!!! Even though you are a "Classic Transsexual " ( even though you are not because you are intersexed ) ?! Once was enough for me but I guess not everyone is as "real" ? Hmmm ?

Nazi's just felt Jews were their weakness. Like the Christian right who "SWEAR" that the existence of gay marriage "demeans them" so to the Transsexual Taliban / Classic Transsexuals "SWEAR" that the existence of the transgendered lowers the value of their lives.

"If there is a common enemy its name is (transgender ) ‘identity paradigm’. Far from offering its adherents freedom it has created a prison ( for CT's) . Its walls are stereotypes, its weapons confusion and its effect is to other its true believers from the rest of humanity . . . . . I will not be so imprisoned! " - Joanne Proctor

"Anti-Semitism is the unifying element of the reconstruction of Germany."- Senior Nazi official Alfred Rosenberg.

"I began to unravel identity theory. I deconstructed its component parts and watched them dissolve into nothingness as I detached them, one-by-one, from the hypothetical mass that gave them the illusion of substance."-Joanne Proctor

Hitler had similar reflections on Mein Kampf in prison.

"This legislation is not anti-Jewish, but pro-German. The rights of Germans are thereby to be protected against destructive Jewish influences." -Hitler

"Its very hard not to feel angry about that at times. For example when ‘transsexuals who don’t want to change sex’ claim speaking rights without having ever experienced the confusion and distress that accompanies the sensations. " -Joanne Proctor

" National Socialism desires to establish a true community of the people…. Because we are National Socialists we can never suffer an alien race which has nothing to do with us to claim the leadership of our working people." - Hitler

To succeed you must have unity or . . . . . a common enemy. And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

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