Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Rape of Autumn Sandeen

"Autumn is about as perfect an example of a transvestite (Jew) as you will ever hope to see. As Cassandra has described transvestites (Jews), Autumn is “loud, brash, and downright fetish based”" -Aria Blue

This article on Autumn Sandeen by Aria Blue openly, publicly, brutally rapes her verbally and robs her of her gender identity ! Aria intends to do this to all transgendered people. Her goal ?The silencing of all transgender people through PUBLIC HUMILIATION ! These fakes use the premise that by having an identity TG people rob them of theirs. How profound are your own words!!!

"Unable to “become” their target sex transgender (Jews) attempt make sure that no one else can either ." -Cassandraspeaks

I have never seen a more clear cut case "penis envy", and not of the female kind. No woman would ever attack a person this way. The obvious fraud being that none of these hidden harpies are transitioned, stealth, corrected or any of the handy catch phrases that they claim signifies a "classic transsexual ". Not one of them! Want to know why? Read on.

" i refuse to disclose the details of my genetics. i fear it would complicate the issue, and only aid the transgender movement in appropriating intersexed individuals." - Anonymous-T-Girl

THAT'S RIGHT , VIRTUALLY ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE INTERSEXED ! Ella's made quite the little job of cutting my sentences in strategic places so she can try and enrage the intersex community ( I said "some intersexed" but on her site it suddenly becomes "intersexed" ) The thing that infuriates me most is not her misrepresentation and lies ,it's this.

"Having been beaten and raped repeatedly in my life, i now tend to try and avoid that.As i understand it, you now intend on having your way with me as well.So be it. i’m an open book, so it’ll be easy to proverbially rape me online."- Anonymous-T-Girl

You disgust me. No woman who had experienced what a rape victim does could talk the way you do . I know.

I was 9 when my grandmothers 18 year old foster child Richard came and took me out of my bed. No real victim of rape could talk the way you do. You use the word "rape" like some garnish on your food , you carry it around and put it on everything. It's so insulting to women and children that experience it. I haven't the slightest idea how you have the guts to pull it out and shake it at people constantly like it was a toy , something to be displayed ! I feel like vomiting every time I think of it and there you go, you pull it out and shake it at people . You Ella and Catherine. What is that ?I still can't deal with it but you two , it's like you parade. You fondle it and tell people they are raping you like it's a joke an I'm sitting her wanting to hurl at the thought of it! Sweat is pouring down me ! I had nightmares every night of the 10 years that followed. I don't understand how you can turn that word into sarcastic joke.*

There is nothing in either yours or Catherine's manner that makes me believe for a single second that you two experienced anything outside fantasy you created to gain sympathy from other victims. Catherine being clearly off her rocker with some wacko conspiracy theory that transgenders are trying to kill her. Knowing Catherine's insanity, if anyone ever threatened her life I'll bet it was after unrelenting , merciless stalking, bullying and harassment. She is an awful person who screams "I'm a victim" as she is beating their dead bloody corpse. It's not that I'm insensitive, it's that I think you are bald faced liars.

"If you aren't being called a bitch, you're being a doormat." -Cathryn Platine

You have never been a doormat, ever , so the rest is self explanitory.

Oh and one more thing Ella, don't you ever try and say "I didn't participate". you were there and you are totally on board with everything. You are complicate in the crime.

"So when faced with someone who has made a successful correction and living a comfortable and discreet existence they will go to extraordinary lengths to expose them." -Cassandraspeaks

Extraordinary lengths ?!!! THE PUBLICLY AVAILABLE WEBSITES YOU PROVIDED?! These are pictures you all are proud of. Lest anyone think I made any effort at all, I had everything I have here within the first hour. Yeah, click on the name. Hard wasn't it ! Sorry you all had to work so hard though.

“However the fact there is no intention to have surgery means her motivations are different.”-Cassandra

Living in your natural gender is not "different". I know, you find yourself so ambiguous as a person you have to check your diapers occasionally to remember which gender you are but MOST PEOPLE DON'T! They aren't different, YOU are.

“not one of the women who are Classic Transsexual harbour an animosity towrds those who are transgender. Not one. NOt a single solitary one.” – Cassandraspeaks

Then . . .

"Transgender is a lie, and it has no place in science." -Aria Blue


I publicly declare the "classic transsexual" movement a COMPLETE FRAUD perpetrated by a group of intersexed ex members of the ISNA. I'm sorry for being so slow about this , it was obvious but I just did not grasp why until, one by one I discovered they were ALL intersexed. Now I understand, now I see why they have to destroy transgenders. Everything about this movement is a lie. Aria isn't transsexual at all. What a bitter and sad deception. Historically this will go down as one of the most disgusting black operations ever.

And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

* Richard showed up later at my moms house when I was 16. He cornered me , probing me to see if I remembered any of what happened. I lied and said I had no idea what he was talking about and then , for the first time ,told my mom. She banished him from out of our house forever and years later died of AIDS and that is when my nightmares stopped.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Aria's CT War Against the LGBT

"I, we, will accept nothing less than the unconditional surrender of those who have proven to be our worst enemy. This is the beginning of the end of forced transsexual inclusion in the crumbling GLBT."- Aria Blue

Dream on ! When Barney Frank and the HRC betrayed the LGBT community and submitted a non inclusive version of ENDA 400 LGBT groups protested. That is power that you will NEVER have ! Not now , not ever ! Aria Blue and the "classic transsexual movement" ( like 3 Americans , maybe . . . ) snipe from the dark because THEY ARE POWERLESS!

"CT's are the McCarthy group of gender where if you say you don’t hate transgenders they accuse you of being a transvestite. If the friends you love don’t have operations like them they call them men!" -happyjb

“Slander-a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name."

" We can start with the fact Aria doesn’t have a good name , unless you considered being a a thug and bully “good” . I used her own words so perhaps you mean she slandered herself." -happyjb

So Aria Blue has declared war against the entire LGBT ! Fascinating ! Good luck with that munchkins ! And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

Thursday, January 21, 2010


"Those neophytes – those TS who have just, or recently, transitioned – easily fall victim to being confused as to where they lie within the gender debate, i.e. whether they should support the transgender (Jew) and see themselves as part of a “(Jew) community”, or whether they are individuals who simply have a biological tic they feel compelled to address . . . . . . . When they seek out this information, exclusively they find it on websites that are not transsexual in nature, but fully supportive of the concept of transgender (Jew). They are then massively subjected to the transgender (Jew ) spectrum philosophy, the need to belong to the GLBT community, and the pledge to “give something back”…all of which forever bonds them with a group who permanently prefix their name with trans (Jew) . -Susan Ann Elizabeth Taylor

"Sometimes I think that vermin like this are ignorable, but I guess not." --lisalee18wheeler

"Newly transitioning transsexuals should ignore the so-called gender theorist (Jews) and resist assimilation into the transgender (Jew) community completely, adhering to the fact and reality that there are transsexuals and then everyone else." -Susan Ann Elizabeth Taylor

"Here is a story of one lady who was able to break free from being trans." -Susan Ann Elizabeth Taylor

Here is a little problem though, you never asked her if you could use her for your political tool . Shall we, ask Alex ? She seems pretty cool.We will just tell her you are an anti-transgender hate group , that you get off calling them transvestites.

This kind of reminds me of Hitler appropriating Nietzsche accomplishments. We finish with the standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

The Beautiful Beast .

"There is only one transsexual condition. One." -Aria Blue

Simple minds do need simple answers. You kind of forgot the other 40,000 transsexual women that YOU DONT SPEAK FOR mein Fuhrer! Adolf ,hiding in her bunker has decided, without scientific fact or verification that the fatherland has only one definition and she will decide it. Wrong.

"The real issue came about with the creation of an attack blog where they tried to profile some of the people who post here to shame and humiliate them into silence using the all-too-typical internet tg “activist” method of bullying and threats. " - Aria Blue

One of Hitlers favorite ploys was to attack countries like Poland , attack , turn around and say "Look how they attack us ! ". The real issue came when you decided you could call women like Autumn Sandeen TRANSVESTITES! Your disgusting and intentional misgendering of the very people you "claim" to speak for! Was it not for your utter disregard and ruthless arrogance the ideas of which you speak would be in open discussion but NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo! Your intentional degradation of any conversation that does not follow the dictates of you and your brown shirts set out agenda is shut down instantly . Often finished with "piss off " the pretense at real discussion is a very thin veil ! How pedestrian.

"I don’t point this out to start yet another front in this ongoing war between TS and TG,. . . " Aria Blue

The war you started little dictator! Excuse us everyone , Adolf has decided he doesn't want another war, he promises he will stop at France. No one believes a word you say.

"I believe the transsexual condition is a state of being brought. . . . . . " -Aria Blue

You believe nothing you troll! You are not a scientist, you are not a academic, YOU DON'T REPRESENT ANYONE BUT THIS TINY GROUP OF CHALLENGED, TRUCK DRIVERS AND CAT HERDERS! ( No offense Lisa, truck driving is a fine profession but not exactly me old moms choice ). My god, the arrogant assumption that hiding in some dark hole you are given carte blanche to trash anyone they feel like could only be explained by heavy , heavy crack cocaine use.

You think you can run into a Jewish survivors group screaming "BURN THE JEWS ! OPEN THE OVENS ! " and not get people angry ? That's not danger , that is an intentional assault! You make these public attacks and then expect anonymity while plastering your face across the web?

You have to ask, what exactly is it that any of you all do to "conform " to this nazi ideal you all claim to cling to ?

Stealth? - Nope, , well except for you and I'm pretty sure one pic would answer the reason. Posting things publicly is not stealthy.
SRS? - I see no evidence of any of that. You talk like immature pre-ops. Especially Ella. You can hear the "Dear Diary" in every statement.
Giving up your past history ? - My god , YOU REVEL IN IT !
Transitioning into a woman's life ? -NO NO AND NO !

What , I don't get it. In fact , most of you are intersexed, not TS at all and , this is what confuses the crowd. So, what is it you actually do , all you CT's who claim the glory for the fatherland ? The similarity with Hitler being an actual Jew is frightening. Do you realize what hypocrites you come off as ?

The most cruel and ruthless female guards in the nazi death camps each had nick names.

Ilse Koch – The Bitch of Buchenwald and The Witch of Buchenwal
Infamous collector of Jewish inmates tattooed skin which was made into lampshade and handbag.

Irma Grese – The Beautiful Beast
Armed with pistol and whip made of cellophane, she struts around in her heavy boots look for myriads of ways to torture and kill prisoners.A notorious sadist who took great pleasures inflicting pain on prisoners.

Dorothea “Thea” Binz
Binz and her SS officer lover Brauning enjoyed watching females inmated being beaten and flogged.

Juana Bormann – The Wiesel
Noted for her cruelty by unleashing her wolfhound upon the prisoners, beating the sick female inmates furiously for not working and also had the better dressed female inmates stripped off their clothing.

Elisabeth Volkenrath
Noted for being a cruel SS Nazi supervisor in charge of selecting prisoners to the gas chambers.

Emma Zimmer
When it comes to cruelty towards prisoners, she’s certainly not lagging behind her equally cruel peers.

Wanda Klaff
Wanda Klaff was just a common housewife before she joined the Stutthof’s subcamp and she easily learned the pleasures of sadistic tortures and abuse toward’s prisoners. At her trial for Nazi war crimes, she was proud of her intelligence and enjoys her routine of beating at least two prisoners everyday.

Elisabeth Lupka
She was notorious for whipping and beating prisoners while selecting some of them to the gas chambers. Eventually she was one of the last people to stay at the camp until the evacuation from Auschwitz camp was completed. She even accompanied the death march before she went back to Ravensbrück and resumed her usual sadistic routine towards prisoners.

Ruth Elfriede Hildner
Ruth Hildner was one of the most feared SS Nazi guard stationed at the Helmbrechts. During the evacuation of camp, Hildner murdered several young female inmates during the death march as well as maltreatment of other prisoners. Her weapon of choice was her rod.

Jenny-Wanda Barkmann – The Beautiful Spectre
Jenny Barkmann was known as “The Beautiful Spectre” for her cruel treatment towards prisoners, her savage beatings results to deaths of her inmates. Part of her tasks includes selecting women and children for the gas chambers. Even during her incanceration, her coquettish nature still prevails that even during her trial she was seen fixing her hair and flirting with the prison guards.

Ewa Paradies
Despite being a protestant christian, Ewa Paradies unhesitantly commits depraved acts towards inmates and end up killing some of them. One witness recalls Paradies stripping the women inmates naked during winter, then she would pour ice cold water on them. If one of the inmates moved, she would viciously beat them .

Gerda Steinhoff
She was known as a ruthless and cruel guard and was in charge of selection prisoners to the gas chambers.

Margot Dreschel
Margot Dreschel was described as bucked tooth, ugly, thin and vulgar woman by surviving inmates. She was notorious for brutal beatings on the inmates. Her tasks also includes selecting women and children to the gas chambers.

Ruth Neudeck
One of her most shocking act of brutality was that she cut an inmate’s throat with shovel.

History repeats itself without vigilance. And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Fuhrer Speaks !


“I, we, will accept nothing less than the unconditional surrender of those who have proven to be our worst enemy." -Aria Blue

Go girl !

"This is the beginning of the end of forced transsexual inclusion in the crumbling GLBT."- Aria Blue

Wait, I forgot , you claim to be "TS" . I'm sorry hun but I'm gonna have to see that for myself . Hate to doubt you but . . . . . I doubt you. Till you do NOBODY but your Taliban fanatics buying it. Sorry. I've just seen too much to take any of the "girls" word. And you sure don't speak for my HUGE LIST of TS friends. Nope ,yah don't.

Ok, lets let catkisser have the last word :)

"I simply state “I am a woman” and they react with naked, insane, psychopathic hatred." - Catherine Platine

Sigh , you always leave out the parts like calling them "men in drag "and "transvestites " ! And Cat , you are not a "a sixty year old, heavy set and physically disable woman" . You are a crazy , nasty person who uses anything she can as an excuse to harass. The one group I was on you lasted a day. That was a record ! Everyday, I worry about your cats.

And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

The Horror . . . . .

"By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise." -Adolf Hitler

Four female SS guards. It was reported they were prompted to be even more cruel than their male counterparts.

"I am scared of the being like the TG community. I first came out as TS wanting to jump through all the hoops and just get to a normal life as soon as possible. I failed my first transition. Some of that was because I refused to know myself and felt I had to suddenly be as matured as a GG who never had to survive as male ." -Joanne Proctor

Explain to everyone how you "fail" at transition?! You failed????!!!!! Even though you are a "Classic Transsexual " ( even though you are not because you are intersexed ) ?! Once was enough for me but I guess not everyone is as "real" ? Hmmm ?

Nazi's just felt Jews were their weakness. Like the Christian right who "SWEAR" that the existence of gay marriage "demeans them" so to the Transsexual Taliban / Classic Transsexuals "SWEAR" that the existence of the transgendered lowers the value of their lives.

"If there is a common enemy its name is (transgender ) ‘identity paradigm’. Far from offering its adherents freedom it has created a prison ( for CT's) . Its walls are stereotypes, its weapons confusion and its effect is to other its true believers from the rest of humanity . . . . . I will not be so imprisoned! " - Joanne Proctor

"Anti-Semitism is the unifying element of the reconstruction of Germany."- Senior Nazi official Alfred Rosenberg.

"I began to unravel identity theory. I deconstructed its component parts and watched them dissolve into nothingness as I detached them, one-by-one, from the hypothetical mass that gave them the illusion of substance."-Joanne Proctor

Hitler had similar reflections on Mein Kampf in prison.

"This legislation is not anti-Jewish, but pro-German. The rights of Germans are thereby to be protected against destructive Jewish influences." -Hitler

"Its very hard not to feel angry about that at times. For example when ‘transsexuals who don’t want to change sex’ claim speaking rights without having ever experienced the confusion and distress that accompanies the sensations. " -Joanne Proctor

" National Socialism desires to establish a true community of the people…. Because we are National Socialists we can never suffer an alien race which has nothing to do with us to claim the leadership of our working people." - Hitler

To succeed you must have unity or . . . . . a common enemy. And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

The Talibans Hatred of Activists !

"Gluing it all together is the transgender (Jew) activist hatred for post-corrected women living undisclosed." -Anonymous-T-Girl

A) A year of HRT is not "post-corrected" El-AH, sorry. You sure as heck aren't post op and you sure as heck don't speak for those who are. Nor do your intersexed buddies like Karlof ... er , Proctor. Aria doesn't even exist so (testimonials don't count, I remember your Joanne/Catherine affirmation, sheesh, no ).
B) On the other hand , I am finished ! Oops! Kind of messes up your little theory huh ?
C) You all brag about being out so, explain to us all about the "undisclosed part". You and the other . . . um , "CT's". It's kind of cute you have a little pretend club.
D) You are transitioning in your 20's , you are a "late" transitioner. "CT.s" transition young. They are indistinguishable and as of late you sure are not in that category E . Not yet , sorry about that babes but it's true. Giving to breast cancer wont speed up the process.
E) Last , this is my favorite TT line.

"Autumn is about as perfect an example of a transvestite (Jew) as you will ever hope to see.As Cassandra has described transvestites (Jews), Autumn is “loud, brash, and downright fetish based”" -Aria Blue

You think your stable looks/acts any different than Autumn Aria ? Be honest! Tell them the truth this time. You all act just the way you say everyone else does “loud, brash, and downright fetish based”.

Of the people I've discussed on this blog most are of the intersexed variety, not transsexual/transgendered. So you ask, why do they even care ? Ask them because I think you will find it interesting. Think of it as simple anarchy. They get no press whatsoever and that totally miffs them. It's not that TG's get press, it's that TG's get ALL the press. I kind of figured it out that it's not really that they hate TG's so much as the intense seething kindergarten jealousy. People like Catherine Platine expressly go into TG forums to start trouble, lording her DNA over everyone. But then she doesn't have much else but the cats. Poor goddamned things. Now that is cruel.

"we already have a perfectly good word for those who have male bodies, wish to keep male bodies and dressup as women, that word is transvestite (Jew)." -Catherine Platine

Compare to Reich Propaganda Ministries propaganda to develop public sympathy for the Euthanasia Program.""...because God cannot want the sick and ailing to produce."

It's like the poet lisalee18wheeler said :

"Anybody can get SRS you idiot, it's about the f'n brain!". - lisalee18wheeler aboard the Lezzy 1

The irony brings tears to my eyes . If I may offer one last word, the object of SRS is to "get" one , not to "become" one. :)And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Transsexual Taliban

A wonderful article by Christine Beatty

“Transgender is a political myth. It’s a lie. 99.9% of everyone you see held up in the media as a ‘transsexual’ or ‘transgender’ in the media. . . is exactly who you think they are; unbalanced crossdressing men, whether straight or gay. . . " Directly quoting comments from a Transsexual Taliban blog , Christine Beatty uses their own hateful , anti-transgender words against them frequently throughout her article .

The utter hypocrisy is that they have no reservation in calling anyone who does not agree with their Michael Bailey monologues a "transvestite". It's not a crime to be male looking but to fault others opens them up for exactly the same kind of scrutiny. Suddenly Aria seems to think looks have nothing to do with it BUT THAT IS ALL THEY JUDGE BY ! .

"They tend to be shrill, angry, single minded, self-righteous, unhinged, unable to absorb reason, unwilling to examine their beliefs, repetitive to the point of agony and they don’t know how to shut the hell up. A brutal portrait, perhaps, but anyone who’s ever encountered a true fanatic will corroborate this description." - Christine Beatty

"i stand here willing to engage anyone who wishes." -anonymous-t-girl

"Come to my blog and throw your acid " -Zoe Suzanne

The invitations flow for confrontation on their ground because they are censors and information manglers . Translation :"There will be a pecking order and I will determine it !" No my dears, you will need to come to my ground. I've been on yours and the conversation is mmm, too one sided.

Spotlight: Anonymous-T-Girl

The "women" of Aria Blue. Who are these vessels of femininity ? These self appointed guardians of "womanhood" ? We break the (lack of) stealth at the request of none other and the gentle flower known as Anonymous-T-Girl/Mumei T Joshi aka Ella:

"i *do not* support the rights of transvestites and transgenders to invade women’s personal spaces." -Anonymous-T-Girl

To Michigan Womyn's Music Festival a "classic transsexual" like yourself is a transvestite. I doubt that your babble about "protecting women's spaces " would be met with much mmmmmmm . . . . . enthusiasm. No, I think not. Hurts , doesn't it ? Enjoy the mirror ;)

"Die in a fire." -Anonymous-T-Girl

Aw , isn't that sweet ? Mom just has to be proud.

  • CLICK HERE for Ella and her "Hey I'm a T Girl but I'm not I'm a woman blog !"

  • If the pointed hat fits. . .

    ". . . transgenders who have no desire whatsoever to lose their penis. Because no man wants to lose their penis, there’s nothing to fall that far into deep despair over.Not transgenders who have no desire whatsoever to lose their penis. Because no man wants to lose their penis, there’s nothing to fall that far into deep despair over. There’s no mind-body disconnect. Just a wardrobe one." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    Well, what can one say to something so foreboding yet non descript?! Me thinks you are too focused on other peoples body parts but then being non-op yourself that tends to become a heavy focus.

    "Now watch the parade of transgenders and transvestites quote statistics that don’t even apply to them, while riding the coffin of a presumed transsexual in the process, in an attempt to force their acceptance down society’s throat." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    OMG , Anne Coulter would be proud ! This is right up there with calling 9-11 Widows Self-Obsessed & Harpies ! Mondo Insensativo! Really , I'm impressed, I thought you just had a learning disability.

    "The petition represents about 7.5% of the post-operative populace, and growing." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    Whoosh, out of your behind it comes ! Completely factless figures trying to justify a completely silly petition that NO ONE SIGNED! Well 150 people , which represents .000000000000000000002 %. Of the population of 300 million. Oh , only a lot of those on that petition aren't even in America.

    "i stand here willing to engage anyone who wishes. But sometimes, people aren't willing to do things honorably." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    Darlin , since when did anonymously calling my non op TG friends "transvestites " qualify as "honorable" ? Just wondering . It's kind of like saying "soft violence". And aren't you just saying this for show , I mean . . . .

    "Although activists won't admit it, there is a certain amount of selfishness involved with those late-term transitioners. Which makes society as a whole balk when transgenders in those situations not only insist to be accepted, but ask for understanding and sympathy as well." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    So you think they should expect beatings , discrimination and death ? Charming little thing aren't you! And that's the other thing, this person is undeniably right where she claims others are . A late transitioner. It's what makes reading her nauseatingly incoherent rants unbearable. Amazing !

    "i delete off-topic traffic solicitors on site at my blog.
    You’re a lot more forgiving than me." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    I think that sums that tolerance up nicely.

    "i have a blog with pictures and videos. Accusing my of ‘hiding’ from you or any other activist is a false accusation." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    Oh no, never you "Anonymous-T-Girl" . Your out so that's great but . . . . you and the rest of the TT have to work that out.

    "Aria Blues is attempting to forcibly out operative women online. " -Anonymous-T-Girl

    She is? Every single one of you is out and public . Shall I quote ?

    "Hey brainiac, several of us are out. Try using some of your supergenius powers and find us." -lisalee18wheeler

    And she was right, there you all were ! I simply gathered your collective words and linked your pics. The saddest thing is that rather than just take care of your own transition you looked for weaker people to abuse . To try and create a common enemy in TG community , judging them like bigots judge blacks, without thought or mercy.

    I've seen enough of your selfish and cruel taunts to know who you are. You get kicked out of every place you join and spew this stuff, well unless you build it yourself. What a unique waste of time my dear. And you plan to do this the rest of your life ? Look at the women you have surrounded yourself with, is really what you want for your future? Is it really? Do they seem happy at all? Don't let someone else's bitterness become your cause. There is no such thing as a "classic transsexual". While we all got here differently we share the same lack of conformity to gender.

    You don't understand now but these are my friends. They are my family and I don't care if their politics bother you because they have just as much a right to speak. Go, do your own thang , be whatever you want but if to be you it brings you out to attack the TG, expect a response. It's you that's "outing" people, targeting them and then dumping an onslaught of hurtful names and concepts. You have done everything you accuse everyone else of.

    "My name exists on her record of people who dare to think differently than her. She plans to post images pulled off of my blog and Facebook, mock everything about me, and humiliate me into silence and submission." -Anonymous-T-Girl

    DARE TO THINK DIFFERENTLY ??????! That is a wildly speculative assumption on your part and could easily be compared to the kind of "different" thinking of cultists like the followers of Jim Jones or the Hale-Bopp. The least creative. By the way, has anyone ever told you that you are hilariously melodramatic? It's kind of charming actually in a strange, scary , Hannibal Lecter kind of way. The childhood thing, the endless droning about racism, oh and that pic of the black and white children's hand holding , oh please , you aren't the trans MLK now are you ? Perhaps if MLK hated blacks it would be a fair comparison.Oh and , the only race of humans I have anything against are the "orthodox stupid ". Try not to apply for a permanent citizenship.

    Hold it,let me check my mock list before we go.

    Picture - I don't need to say a thing. Perfectly appropriate, just remember , she is from the East. We don't want WWothW to get a bad name.
    Insensitive - check
    Judgmental - check
    Uninformed - check
    Hurtful - check
    Bigoted - check

    Well that's about it. Let me know if I missed anything.
    And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

    So why do a blog like this ?

    Yes , why bend and stoop to this kind of low tit for tat response ? For years since my transition I have had to listen to these disgusting hypocrites rag on other transwomen. After all the rants about how they are “passible” , attacking other women’s looks demeanor and questioning everything they say as being a male signifier. It is only the truth that sets us free. Most of these people are intersexed, not transsexual at all. Their goal, to destroy the gains that transsexuals have made and to crush them with their genetics. You would think that having a genetic answer would free you but instead they turn like the Jews in German concentration camps that sold out for more privileges.It is the most heinous kind of betrayal, a betrayal from within. I felt you should see them in context of who they really are.

    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Spotlight: anoldfriend

    The "women" of Aria Blue. Who are these vessels of femininity ? These self appointed guardians of "womanhood" ? We break the stealth at the request of none other and the gentle flower known as anoldfriend . That isn't her real name , I believe it is Susan Ann Robins.

    "It’s because Unsuccessful people; people have given up, Hate to be around Successful people. It reminds them of their failure to transition and assimilate into society as legitimate members of the Female Population." -anoldfriend

    HUH ?!

    "Sue Ann Robins is a supporter of former Northwestern University Psychology Department Chair J. Michael Bailey, author of The Man Who Would Be Queen. Like almost all of Bailey's supporters, Robins is half a century old, divorced, and a longtime crossdresser who now identifies as transsexual. Robins has discussed "I remember what it was like back in the early days when I started Crossdressing. I carried all that baggage around every Crossdresser and half of the Transsexuals do." - from

    And apparently are still carrying it only externally.

    "Over the years I have found Christians to be some of best allies. They understand the difference between a birth condition and a fetish." -anoldfriend

    Ted Haggard did. Having sex with a man while doing heavy drugs drugs once a month for 3 years . But he's not gay right ?

    " You are a classic example of what is for the most part wrong with the Tee-Gee community.And yes we are better than you; only because we make a conscious effort to be the best people we can." -anoldfriend

    The statement speaks for itself.

    "We are what I have said we are, the very best people we can be, we strive for that goal. We don’t sit around and feel sorry for ourselves or write blog posts about how abused we feel. We made our way in society and went along to get along because we are women, not women with a qualifier (trans-woman for example)." -anoldfriend

    Actually, sitting around on a blog attacking TG people is feeling sorry for yourself.

    "We can't get anywhere because of all the TG's! Boo hoo ! " -anoldfriend

    Get a life.

    "The path of resistance is always to blend into the mainstream, not evangelize one’s strangeness." -anoldfriend

    After seeing you, I doubt you could.

    "I gave up living in the wrong body, gender and sex role 29 years ago where were no safety nets, I had to make a living, and I had nobody to support me. I had to put on the big girl pants and do the right thing." -anoldfriend

    Yeah, it looks like you missed the safety net by 20 feet and landed on your face.

    "You ever notice what happens when one of us opens our mouth in a Tee-Gee group, we get shouted down and eventually booted out, you know why?"- anoldfriend

    God, because you assault them and call them "transvestites" you idiot ! I mean , you are leaving out a lot.

    And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

    Spotlight:Joanne Proctor

    The "women" of Aria Blue. Who are these vessels of femininity ? These self appointed guardians of "womanhood" ? We break the stealth at the request of none other and the gentle flower known as New Zealander Joanne Proctor . OII board member , you will hear this over and over and over , again some intersexed are full of crap . The excuse of an abnormal gene becomes too great a temptation :

    'But the claim to have accessed SRS absolutely staggers me if its true. I cannot fathom how anyone can be so seriously deluded as to think he can sell himself as a female in public spaces whilst exhibiting behaviors like that. I swear a cloud of testosterone wafted from the screen with each new post.Has he really had SRS as he claims? – how on earth could that be allowed to happen?' -Joanne Proctor

    First demand all children leave the room then click the picture to see the full JP beauty !

    "IMHO relying on WPATH or the DSM as proof-positive of the validity of transgenderism is exactly the same as relying on a message from the Vatican as proof that Catholicism is the ‘truth’. It only works as an act of blind faith!" -Joanne Proctor

    In your "humble" opinion ? The arrogance of an intersexed Frankenstein like yourself saying something so ugly is what is beyond all belief. A mirror is required for you to look in for your penance , that should straighten out your misguided attacks.

    "I was invited to attend a transvestites group in Christchurch, New Zealand. I went along a couple of times. I swear I could have cut the sexual tension with a knife.The leader of the TV group I was referring to was a Dutch guy who insisted that he’d been Marie Antoinette in a past life. I wondered how may Marie Antoinette’s there had been. Then I pointed out that Marie Antoinette had came to a sticky end. It was a double entendre. Marie Antoinette’s gown was covered in strange looking stains.' -Joanne Proctor

    Invited you down ? It was because they felt a kinship, you looking like a man in drag could have something to do with it. You truly look the role and I just want to see below to see if you are wearing work boots.

    "Most TG’s, it seems to me, are desperately trying to become something we never were. They are trying to act out a role that we never aspired to: a transitional state that we aspire to leave behind." -Joanne Proctor

    You are definitely living a role we never aspired to, trolling intersexed bigot. Do you really not have a mirror, it's hard to believe.

    "Its very hard not to feel angry about that at times. For example when ‘transsexuals who don’t want to change sex’ claim speaking rights without having ever experienced the confusion and distress that accompanies the sensations." -Joanne Proctor

    YOU ARE INTERSEXED ! Not transsexual, talk about not having speaking rights for anyone, that would be you Boris Karloff.

    "In part, psychologists and psychotherapists invented all those other ‘mutant identities’ to suite their own constructions. Thank them for the so-called ‘transsexual identity’. All anybody with the condition wants is to leave that B/S behind and have a life." -Joanne Proctor

    Oh they did ? So now they are mutants now ? Please look at Mr Proctor and decide. Aren't these Aria Blues contributors everything they claim transgendered people are ? Unpassable, males who live for male " Im better than you are " pissing contests.

    "It isn’t our fault that you have been mislead. Its partly your own for gullibility, and partly the so-called experts for denial and ignorance. Put the responsibility where it belongs – not on us" -Joanne Proctor

    It isn't our fault you were born genetically twisted with a face only a mother could love. It's definitely gullibility because no one could see a picture of you and think you were ever a woman. This performance seals that deal.

    "What fascinates me is the way they rock in and lay down the law. " -Joanne Proctor

    Yeah, it's called "justice".

    "There was no recognition of the fact that most of us have spent years demanding that empirical science supplant the identity paradigm – the self-same paradigm that has provided the rational for almost forty years of intersex genital mutilations and so-called gender assignments." -Joanne Proctor

    Imperial evidence, like a genetics test ? The only thing that you can lay claim to ? Oh I see, so the one thing you have as proof , ignore you are the size and look of Lurch, talk like a baritone with a cold , act like some backwoods Okie racist on moonshine , you demand proof. In your case genetics aren't enough. I'm not sharing a bathroom with someone like you.

    And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !


    The "women" of Aria Blue. Who are these vessels of femininity ? These self appointed guardians of "womanhood" ? We break the stealth at the request of none other and the gentle intersexed flower known as catkisser aka Catherine Platine who said:

    "go f**k yourself. Being post op doesn’t make you a woman, a female neurology does." -catkisser

    Shake with fear Shelly, Byron , Keats . . . . . . Catherine Platine has arrived and you are all on notice by a "TRUE" or "CLASSIC" TRANSSEXUAL , well except she is intersexed. You ever notice that, some intersexed are SOOOO proud they have a genetic excuse for being wacky. "SEE , MY CHROMOSOMES ARE ALL MUSHED UP, THAT'S WHY I"M SO HYSTERICAL !". Uhuh, we know hon, we know.

    "The fetishists are the ones in the ball gowns . The transgenders are the ones dressed twenty years out of date (dresses and skirts) with too much jewelry." -catkisser

    And yet , your photo has assured us that white pants should never return as a fashion statement, ever ! Ah the beauty that is the "TRUE" or "CLASSIC" TRANSSEXUAL , well except she is intersexed , keep your hands off boys, this is a WOMAN ! A REAL WOMAN ! DNA SAYS IT ALL !!!!!!!

    "For many there are two separate transitions, some only one. Some transition to “transsexual” and never make it to woman, some transition to woman directly and a few transition to transsexual and then finally to woman."-catkisser

    For some there is crap that spews out their mouth like the endless stream of water from the fountains of Hercules in Ruthenium ! =D If I am correct I believe Catherine has been kicked out of every forum I've been on. It's a sport for her, luring in the unaware and assaulting them with such utter nonsense that moderators , in fits of absolute horror leap like cattle prod shocked monkeys to hit the "BANNED" button. An amazing thing actually , but then I digress.

    "the term “transgender” was coined by possibly the most transsexual phobic asshole who ever walked the earth. It is an open assault on the womanhood of those who corrected their bodies and went on with their lives. the association with transsexuality undid twenty years of earning acceptance by the general public done before hand. It has caused direct harm to those of us who object to it. It means fetishitic masturbator to me…..Your total lack of empathy tells me all I need to know about you. Rot in hell." -catkisser

    And yet her picture speaks a thousand words. More of you consider poundage somehow equates to verbiage .

    " I took all my resources left and set up a housing co-operative for newly transitioned women it was invaded by transgenders after it proved successful who abused me so badly they drove me out of my own home! Not content with that, they tried to make sure I lost the apartment I couldn’t afford on disability! They tried to nuke all my internet accounts and websites, I was subscribed to over 300 magazines, they even tried to cancel my snail mail deliveries!, I was turned in to Homeland Security as a terrorist and was under direct observation by the FBI for weeks. I was raped. I’m still here, I got my Inn back, the locals stood behind me but we lost our tax exempt status in the process and I am still in a legal battle to restore that.I am living proof that TGs can and are willing to be terrorists… without a doubt and no hype ." -catkisser

    Now push your open mouth closed and reread this. Look at Catherine's picture and try and imagine the conspiracy. The rape ? No rape should be taken lightly but , how low must some poor creature be to actually consider , this person a target ? I am both horrified and full of pity for both. That said the world wide TG conspiracy must be stopped ! I think, outside of her claims we haven't seen hide nor hair of the alleged conspiracy. Oh well.

    "I'm living proof that TGs can and are willing to be terrorists… without a doubt and no hype." -catkisser

    No darling, you are living proof mixed up DNA leads to brain damage. Get off the Intersex Bus and walk a bit, the air will do you good.

    "you know, it’s hard not to see yourself as “more of a woman” than say a professional transsexual. Just saying." -catkisser

    And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

    Spotlight :lisalee18wheeler

    The "women" of Aria Blue. Who are these vessels of femininity ? These self appointed guardians of "womanhood" ! We break the stealth at the request of none other and the gentle flower known as lisalee18wheeler who said:

    "Hey brainiac, several of us are out. Try using some of your supergenius powers and find us." -lisalee18wheeler

    And so . . . . . . . . we did . Wish granted ! Feast on the beauty that is the "TRUE" or "CLASSIC" TRANSSEXUAL to the HBS cult members !

    "You need to stop drinking the TG kool-aid!" -lisalee18wheeler

    Oh but Lisa darling, it is sooooooo delicious ! As are you my little cupcake of love ! Ooo !

    On Aria Blues blog they attack any transsexual that accepts TG's and call them "men" . In response to Leigh's attack on another blogger "The more I hear you talk the less convinced I am you are transsexual. If I were your psycologist right now just based on what your saying I would not write your letters." (We will talk more on bald fat truckers handing out SRS letters later ) . Now Lisa's response "

    "I was going to tell her to “shit or get off the pot”. Now she’s probably going to think we’re a bunch of bigots and haters…" -lisalee18wheeler

    BRAVO ! BRAVO ! When I hear something put so eloquently I just get all weak in the knees. Poetry to my ears ! And then !

    ". . . . is the same as most the men I hear on the CB. All talk and no action. " -lisalee18wheeler

    Do you now ! Yes she does ! She drives a truck, one named Leezy1

    So continue Lisa, tell us more about the breadth of your life experience ! Raise us up to new heights with your personal insights !

    ". .. . . . . I had the misfortune of meeting one of your “clients” in an LA club and witnessing your “handiwork”. I didn’t know who to feel more sorry for, that guy or you." -lisalee18wheeler

    Oh sweet destiny, she hangs out in SEX CLUBS ! Only a "TRUE" or "CLASSIC" TRANSSEXUAL would do that !

    " Personally, I think you’re going to be ignored here, so maybe finding another blog to infect might be a really good idea at this point. Just sayin’" -lisalee18wheeler

    And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    "I swear a cloud of testosterone wafted from the screen with each new post."- Aria Blue

    I dedicate this blog to the deluded trans who think that they stand apart from the whole community. Who call anyone transgendered "fetishistic transvestites" . Anonymous T Girl , joanne , lisalee18wheeler , Zoë Suzanna , Aria ,cassandraspeaks , catkisser , Sibyl , Leigh . . . misty eyed followers all yet they hide in the dark . Why you ask ? Is it not a simple matter of producing the evidence that their womanhood wilts the muscle bound , gravel voiced transgender ? Apparently no, their cult requires "stealth " for stealth alone is what a real woman or CT (Classic Transsexual ) desires. To be fully assimilated to where no trace of her malformed past appears. Well, that is until you must rise up and scream :

    " I am a woman, these are not women they are all transvestites !"

    What ? You assume they gained these extraordinary detective skills through research ? No ! Through experience ? Of course not ! Through simple deduction and instinct as all women have ? Yes , they are stereotypes of the women they admire , hurtful , without reason or logic but wait , you must see how that fits in perfectly with being women. For it is their illusion of what they believe women to be that is apparent. Illogical , cliquish and shallow , judging entirely by looks and heresay. That is what women are to them ! Gossiping , shallow skanks that look to weed out the weaker members of the herd and dine on them to make them feel superior ?

    The wacky world of TS Pecking order !

    It's time to challenge the hidden forces of darkness that plague the world of gender. Welcome to the counterpoint blog of Aria Blue . In these coming months we will dispell the myths and expose the fraud behind the tiny movement called CT's.

    "I'M A WOMAN !" They scream as they lumber towards you like John Wayne !

    Don't look at the man behind the curtains . . . I . . . . . am the great and . . . powerful OZ !