Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Rape of Autumn Sandeen

"Autumn is about as perfect an example of a transvestite (Jew) as you will ever hope to see. As Cassandra has described transvestites (Jews), Autumn is “loud, brash, and downright fetish based”" -Aria Blue

This article on Autumn Sandeen by Aria Blue openly, publicly, brutally rapes her verbally and robs her of her gender identity ! Aria intends to do this to all transgendered people. Her goal ?The silencing of all transgender people through PUBLIC HUMILIATION ! These fakes use the premise that by having an identity TG people rob them of theirs. How profound are your own words!!!

"Unable to “become” their target sex transgender (Jews) attempt make sure that no one else can either ." -Cassandraspeaks

I have never seen a more clear cut case "penis envy", and not of the female kind. No woman would ever attack a person this way. The obvious fraud being that none of these hidden harpies are transitioned, stealth, corrected or any of the handy catch phrases that they claim signifies a "classic transsexual ". Not one of them! Want to know why? Read on.

" i refuse to disclose the details of my genetics. i fear it would complicate the issue, and only aid the transgender movement in appropriating intersexed individuals." - Anonymous-T-Girl

THAT'S RIGHT , VIRTUALLY ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE INTERSEXED ! Ella's made quite the little job of cutting my sentences in strategic places so she can try and enrage the intersex community ( I said "some intersexed" but on her site it suddenly becomes "intersexed" ) The thing that infuriates me most is not her misrepresentation and lies ,it's this.

"Having been beaten and raped repeatedly in my life, i now tend to try and avoid that.As i understand it, you now intend on having your way with me as well.So be it. i’m an open book, so it’ll be easy to proverbially rape me online."- Anonymous-T-Girl

You disgust me. No woman who had experienced what a rape victim does could talk the way you do . I know.

I was 9 when my grandmothers 18 year old foster child Richard came and took me out of my bed. No real victim of rape could talk the way you do. You use the word "rape" like some garnish on your food , you carry it around and put it on everything. It's so insulting to women and children that experience it. I haven't the slightest idea how you have the guts to pull it out and shake it at people constantly like it was a toy , something to be displayed ! I feel like vomiting every time I think of it and there you go, you pull it out and shake it at people . You Ella and Catherine. What is that ?I still can't deal with it but you two , it's like you parade. You fondle it and tell people they are raping you like it's a joke an I'm sitting her wanting to hurl at the thought of it! Sweat is pouring down me ! I had nightmares every night of the 10 years that followed. I don't understand how you can turn that word into sarcastic joke.*

There is nothing in either yours or Catherine's manner that makes me believe for a single second that you two experienced anything outside fantasy you created to gain sympathy from other victims. Catherine being clearly off her rocker with some wacko conspiracy theory that transgenders are trying to kill her. Knowing Catherine's insanity, if anyone ever threatened her life I'll bet it was after unrelenting , merciless stalking, bullying and harassment. She is an awful person who screams "I'm a victim" as she is beating their dead bloody corpse. It's not that I'm insensitive, it's that I think you are bald faced liars.

"If you aren't being called a bitch, you're being a doormat." -Cathryn Platine

You have never been a doormat, ever , so the rest is self explanitory.

Oh and one more thing Ella, don't you ever try and say "I didn't participate". you were there and you are totally on board with everything. You are complicate in the crime.

"So when faced with someone who has made a successful correction and living a comfortable and discreet existence they will go to extraordinary lengths to expose them." -Cassandraspeaks

Extraordinary lengths ?!!! THE PUBLICLY AVAILABLE WEBSITES YOU PROVIDED?! These are pictures you all are proud of. Lest anyone think I made any effort at all, I had everything I have here within the first hour. Yeah, click on the name. Hard wasn't it ! Sorry you all had to work so hard though.

“However the fact there is no intention to have surgery means her motivations are different.”-Cassandra

Living in your natural gender is not "different". I know, you find yourself so ambiguous as a person you have to check your diapers occasionally to remember which gender you are but MOST PEOPLE DON'T! They aren't different, YOU are.

“not one of the women who are Classic Transsexual harbour an animosity towrds those who are transgender. Not one. NOt a single solitary one.” – Cassandraspeaks

Then . . .

"Transgender is a lie, and it has no place in science." -Aria Blue


I publicly declare the "classic transsexual" movement a COMPLETE FRAUD perpetrated by a group of intersexed ex members of the ISNA. I'm sorry for being so slow about this , it was obvious but I just did not grasp why until, one by one I discovered they were ALL intersexed. Now I understand, now I see why they have to destroy transgenders. Everything about this movement is a lie. Aria isn't transsexual at all. What a bitter and sad deception. Historically this will go down as one of the most disgusting black operations ever.

And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

* Richard showed up later at my moms house when I was 16. He cornered me , probing me to see if I remembered any of what happened. I lied and said I had no idea what he was talking about and then , for the first time ,told my mom. She banished him from out of our house forever and years later died of AIDS and that is when my nightmares stopped.


  1. They're not intersexed IMO. If they were they wouldn't be parading it like a badge of honour.

    I'm intersexed, and it makes me feel like a defective mutant. It certainly doesn't give me a free pass to lord it over other people. That's the hallmark of a fake.

    The Troo Transexuals are appropriating someone else's identity and experience to boost their cred with the Normals, while simultaneously accusing the evil transgenders of doing the same to them. Hypocrites, all.

  2. Sophia and catkisser are the only ones on that site who are definitely intersexed. Sophia feels much like you do. I do not wish to discuss catkisser.

    I think that most gender deviant and intersexed people grow up with a deep sense of shame. What I see on Aria's site the most is a deep sense of anger. I think they are learning but it is a bitter little pill.

    It is not only intersexed people who are mad at Aria but some people who identify as TS and TG.

    Personally, with my issues, I grew up feeling subhuman. I pretty much accept everyone. Sometimes I get mad and vindictive but those times are rare. I don't think I am better than anyone. I often just consider myself a freak so.. *sigh* My biggest fear is that I will never be able to truly fit in as a normal person or be allowed to in anyway be myself without being hurt. If I didn't want stigma, I would be presenting now as a transitioned CT with all the answers.

    Aria does not understand.. transition is an event but it is not what makes someone have gender identity issues or not. Shame and self loathing is the hallmark of the entire community. We just need a better way where people will let us grow up with ordinary and happier lives (when possible).