Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Beautiful Beast .

"There is only one transsexual condition. One." -Aria Blue

Simple minds do need simple answers. You kind of forgot the other 40,000 transsexual women that YOU DONT SPEAK FOR mein Fuhrer! Adolf ,hiding in her bunker has decided, without scientific fact or verification that the fatherland has only one definition and she will decide it. Wrong.

"The real issue came about with the creation of an attack blog where they tried to profile some of the people who post here to shame and humiliate them into silence using the all-too-typical internet tg “activist” method of bullying and threats. " - Aria Blue

One of Hitlers favorite ploys was to attack countries like Poland , attack , turn around and say "Look how they attack us ! ". The real issue came when you decided you could call women like Autumn Sandeen TRANSVESTITES! Your disgusting and intentional misgendering of the very people you "claim" to speak for! Was it not for your utter disregard and ruthless arrogance the ideas of which you speak would be in open discussion but NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo! Your intentional degradation of any conversation that does not follow the dictates of you and your brown shirts set out agenda is shut down instantly . Often finished with "piss off " the pretense at real discussion is a very thin veil ! How pedestrian.

"I don’t point this out to start yet another front in this ongoing war between TS and TG,. . . " Aria Blue

The war you started little dictator! Excuse us everyone , Adolf has decided he doesn't want another war, he promises he will stop at France. No one believes a word you say.

"I believe the transsexual condition is a state of being brought. . . . . . " -Aria Blue

You believe nothing you troll! You are not a scientist, you are not a academic, YOU DON'T REPRESENT ANYONE BUT THIS TINY GROUP OF CHALLENGED, TRUCK DRIVERS AND CAT HERDERS! ( No offense Lisa, truck driving is a fine profession but not exactly me old moms choice ). My god, the arrogant assumption that hiding in some dark hole you are given carte blanche to trash anyone they feel like could only be explained by heavy , heavy crack cocaine use.

You think you can run into a Jewish survivors group screaming "BURN THE JEWS ! OPEN THE OVENS ! " and not get people angry ? That's not danger , that is an intentional assault! You make these public attacks and then expect anonymity while plastering your face across the web?

You have to ask, what exactly is it that any of you all do to "conform " to this nazi ideal you all claim to cling to ?

Stealth? - Nope, , well except for you and I'm pretty sure one pic would answer the reason. Posting things publicly is not stealthy.
SRS? - I see no evidence of any of that. You talk like immature pre-ops. Especially Ella. You can hear the "Dear Diary" in every statement.
Giving up your past history ? - My god , YOU REVEL IN IT !
Transitioning into a woman's life ? -NO NO AND NO !

What , I don't get it. In fact , most of you are intersexed, not TS at all and , this is what confuses the crowd. So, what is it you actually do , all you CT's who claim the glory for the fatherland ? The similarity with Hitler being an actual Jew is frightening. Do you realize what hypocrites you come off as ?

The most cruel and ruthless female guards in the nazi death camps each had nick names.

Ilse Koch – The Bitch of Buchenwald and The Witch of Buchenwal
Infamous collector of Jewish inmates tattooed skin which was made into lampshade and handbag.

Irma Grese – The Beautiful Beast
Armed with pistol and whip made of cellophane, she struts around in her heavy boots look for myriads of ways to torture and kill prisoners.A notorious sadist who took great pleasures inflicting pain on prisoners.

Dorothea “Thea” Binz
Binz and her SS officer lover Brauning enjoyed watching females inmated being beaten and flogged.

Juana Bormann – The Wiesel
Noted for her cruelty by unleashing her wolfhound upon the prisoners, beating the sick female inmates furiously for not working and also had the better dressed female inmates stripped off their clothing.

Elisabeth Volkenrath
Noted for being a cruel SS Nazi supervisor in charge of selecting prisoners to the gas chambers.

Emma Zimmer
When it comes to cruelty towards prisoners, she’s certainly not lagging behind her equally cruel peers.

Wanda Klaff
Wanda Klaff was just a common housewife before she joined the Stutthof’s subcamp and she easily learned the pleasures of sadistic tortures and abuse toward’s prisoners. At her trial for Nazi war crimes, she was proud of her intelligence and enjoys her routine of beating at least two prisoners everyday.

Elisabeth Lupka
She was notorious for whipping and beating prisoners while selecting some of them to the gas chambers. Eventually she was one of the last people to stay at the camp until the evacuation from Auschwitz camp was completed. She even accompanied the death march before she went back to Ravensbrück and resumed her usual sadistic routine towards prisoners.

Ruth Elfriede Hildner
Ruth Hildner was one of the most feared SS Nazi guard stationed at the Helmbrechts. During the evacuation of camp, Hildner murdered several young female inmates during the death march as well as maltreatment of other prisoners. Her weapon of choice was her rod.

Jenny-Wanda Barkmann – The Beautiful Spectre
Jenny Barkmann was known as “The Beautiful Spectre” for her cruel treatment towards prisoners, her savage beatings results to deaths of her inmates. Part of her tasks includes selecting women and children for the gas chambers. Even during her incanceration, her coquettish nature still prevails that even during her trial she was seen fixing her hair and flirting with the prison guards.

Ewa Paradies
Despite being a protestant christian, Ewa Paradies unhesitantly commits depraved acts towards inmates and end up killing some of them. One witness recalls Paradies stripping the women inmates naked during winter, then she would pour ice cold water on them. If one of the inmates moved, she would viciously beat them .

Gerda Steinhoff
She was known as a ruthless and cruel guard and was in charge of selection prisoners to the gas chambers.

Margot Dreschel
Margot Dreschel was described as bucked tooth, ugly, thin and vulgar woman by surviving inmates. She was notorious for brutal beatings on the inmates. Her tasks also includes selecting women and children to the gas chambers.

Ruth Neudeck
One of her most shocking act of brutality was that she cut an inmate’s throat with shovel.

History repeats itself without vigilance. And so it ends with "Just sayin". The standard retort of all REAL WOMEN ! I couldn't agree more. I'm happyjbee and I'm , just sayin ! Have a great day !

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